Bend Ecstatic Dance

All experiences welcome.


The Dance

DANCE and all that is not Love falls away.

Crossing hemispheres, slipping into a deeper, older, wiser part of our Being. True nature revealed, attuning to the frequencies of Earth and Stars.

Source streaming through, awakening the Temple that we are.

Childlike freedom and joy overflows… grounding, sensing, connecting…

The Soul’s desire to create is instinctual, primal, and authentic.

Connections spontaneously form and dissolve, dancing a common Unity.

Transcending beliefs, age, race, and origins dancing for Self, dancing for our World.

Hearts bursting open, we dance ecstasy.



Our Intentions

We invite people to exercise their freedom of expression, individually and collectively, on and off the dance floor.

We're co-creating a beautiful, sacred container for our dancers to safely discover and explore authentic movement.

We believe that integrating diverse experiences and perspectives is essential to building a truly inclusive community.

We transform the love, energy, and money we generate into gifts and donations that bring joy to our broader communities.



The Progression
(What to Expect)

• Warm up

Gently warm up your body, connecting to Earth, breath, and Self in your own unique way. Stretch, twist, crawl, dance; practice yoga, tai chi, meditation – whatever your body is calling for – to open and prepare you for the Dance.

•• Opening Circle

Come together to connect as Community in a short, guided movement exploration.

••• Dance Journey

Freeform move and dance to a rich soundscape spanning time periods and cultures, traveling through peaks and valleys varying in tempo, texture, and mood. A creative and fun, deeply evocative meditation tapping you into the wellspring of your own unique expression. Dancing with Self, dancing with others, dancing with Source. All in all, a total Blast!

•••• Still Point

Empty into the Earth allowing for a deep integration in stillness, gently guided inward and back by your facilitator.

••••• Closing Circle

Come full circle to share experiences, epiphanies, and insights we have been given in the Dance.


during the Dance, You may come and go as you please.

We ask that you respect your fellow dancers by keeping all conversation and commotion quietly away from the sacred dance space.

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